ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CIS418 Web Multimedia II

These Adobe Director projects focus on 3D capabilities and more advanced Lingo programming. Viewing and using these projects requires Director Shockwave Player to be installed on your computer.

For assistance with these projects please view Help for more information.

Complex Scene

This is a 3D scene created with Director Lingo programming. This demonstrates use of 3D world objects in Director and particle physics, shaders, textures, cameras, and other properties and effects.

Director Rampage

Requires: Director Havok Xtra

This 3D shooting game uses the Havok Xtra. The project assignment was open ended but required the use of the Havok Physics Engine Xtra, user interaction, textures, lights, cameras, and camera effects. This project also has enhancements such as a user HUD, full movement control with keyboard, scoring, and multiple pages. In the game, the player must shoot three special target boxes before 30 seconds is up. Playing this game requires a manual install of the Director Xtra file. Please view Help for more information.