ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CSA255 Media Layout and Design

The projects here demonstrate skills in Adobe InDesign and print and publishing layout and design. The course covered topics in book, magazine, advertisement, and brochure layouts as well as proficient software use and formatting techniques.

Full Page of Advertisements

In this assignment students were to use skills learned in InDesign to mimic a full page of advertisements from a travel magazine.

I managed to create a pretty accurate rendition of the actual printed magazine page.

Magazine One Page Advertisement Makeover

The assignment for this project is to redesign an existing one page magazine advertisement. The redesign is to be a "makeover" and show a clear contrast between a very poor advertisement and a very good one.

This is my makeover one page magazine advertisement. I decided on a design that was more positive and less forboding than the original. From the comfy open room to the smiling Maytag man, the open layout this design presents is comfort, ease, and professional care.

This is a scan of the original advertisement I found in a telephone book. Yuck.

Self Promotional Brochure

The assignment for this project was to create a one page self-promtional print brochure. It should contain examples of good designs as well as list skills and contact information.

Yearbook Layout

This assignment was to create a layout for an article in a yearbook. Certain formatting rules had to be followed, and the design should be made for black and white. It should feature a dominant photo that captures the essence of the article.

Personal Identity Campaign

This project was a personal identity campaign to develop a model letterhead, resume, and business card. The logo could only contain two colors (excluding white / paper color).

Comprehensive Magazine Layout

This project is a prototype for a new magazine. The assignment was to produce a cover, table of contents page, and a two-feature spread.