ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CSA287 Animation for the Web

The Animation for the Web course used New Perspectives on Macromedia Flash 8, Comprehensive, by Luis Lopez. This course used a case-based, problem-solving approach to learning Flash 8.

Viewing these projects requires Adobe Flash Player.

Westcreek Nursery

The owner of Westcreek Nursery has been pleased with the graphics created using Flash for the company and asks about creating a new Web site to showcase they nursery's specials and has developed the following goals and objectives for the new Web site:

  • Promote the Westcreek Nursery name.
  • Showcase weekly specials available for delivery.
  • Provide a welcome message with contact information.
  • Showcase flowers and plants available for delivery
  • Display photos of flowers and plants.

The site you have been asked to create includes a home page with a banner at the top consisting of the Westcreek Nursery name with an animation. The navigation bar will have buttons in the shape of a car wheel, which rotate when the mouse pointer is over them. There will be a link to the Photos page with buttons to display each of the three pictures.


Jackson's Sports - Flash Web Site

Jackson's Sports is a local sports equipment and supplies company with a special interest in local youth sports teams. Over the years they have developed a relationship with many local teams formed by youth organizations and they provide discounted equipment. Dan Jackson, owner of the company, has been discussing the development of a new Web site. He wants the Web site to be accessible through links provided on their existing site and to focus on the services they provide to local youth sports. He wants to highlight his company's services to local teams and include information about some of the teams, such as team names and photos. It is suggested to use Flash to develop the entire site. The use of Flash will also make it easier to incorporate Dan's request to eventually have short video clips added to the site.


Weekend Retreat Calculator

Sandy is very happy with the new Web site you created to promote some of the store's special services. She meets to discuss adding elements to the Web site. She wants to have a way for the user to select from several options for the weekend retreats. The user should be able to enter the type of retreat (two-day or one-day), the number of people that will attend, and whether the use of the store's tools will be needed for the retreat. The page will then display the cost of the retreat based on the selections.


Quiz Game

This is a trivia quiz game developed in class along with the instructor. The instructor made U.S. Presidential trivia the subject of his quiz but encouraged students to use a different subject if they wished. I chose to make my quiz based on some video game trivia. I further enriched my work with a screen blink and more text effects on the initial page and background images throughout the game.