ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CSA291 Multimedia I

The Adobe Director interface, concepts, and programming language are the subject of this course. Sound was not required on the first 2 projects, but I added this and other enhancements as well to each project. Viewing and using these projects requires Director Shockwave Player to be installed on your computer.

For assistance with these projects please view Help for more information.

Megaman Photo Gallery

The project assignment was to create a photo gallery with a splash page, at least 5 photos, photo descriptions, and home-next-back navigation. I enhanced mine with sound, advanced rollover effects, graphic underlays, and buttons. This project includes full audio.

Kushan Fleet Guide

In this project I was assigned to create an informational guide. The intro page needed to present an effective navigation, and all other pages should include an avenue to the intro page. At least 3-5 pages were required for the assignment. My informational guide is about the fleets of a ficticious alien race. I added several enhancements to my project with including animations, a complex navigation system, many pages, and full audio. I created the interface and graphics in Adobe Illustrator. This project includes full audio.

Music Player

This project was for an assignment to create a music player. It required animation, a basic design theme, concise in screen real-estate (only as large as necessary), 5 songs, album art or other image for current song, and an on-off button. My project includes enhancements such as volume control, song length, song current time, song title, and play/pause-stop-skip-previous buttons. This project includes full audio.

Firefox 3 users Unfortunately this project does not fully function in your browser due to streaming issues. The application will not stop and restart playing or play a previous song. All other functions still work, including skip, so the project is still usuable, just limited.

CD Player

This was the final exam assignment, which provided some basic graphics and other supporting files, and tasked the student to mimic a sample .exe that had been published with Director. The CD was to be clicked to insert it into the player. The lights needed to indicate CD player operation. The play button should play the file or stop and eject the CD if already playing. After I completed the assignment, I used my extra time to enhance the player by adding more lights, perspective effects on the CD, and making the play button toggle to an eject button when the CD was playing. This project includes full audio. However, the audio file students were required to use for this project does not operate properly on all platforms, so there may be no audio.