ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CSA279 Advanced Web Page Design II

JavaScript, the common name for the ECMAScript standard, was the subject of this course. The textbook used was New Perspectives on JavaScript - Comprehensive, by Patrick Carey. This book introduces concepts in a very "hands-on" style and has good reference materials in it. It's good for novices and experts alike. For our lab exercises, like the ones below, we were usually given around an hour work on them.

SkyWeb Astronomy - Planisphere

A planisphere is a device used to indicate what constellations will be visible at certain dates and times. It is made of 2 flat discs, the lower with a map of the constellations, the upper a window.

Ridgewoood Herald Tribune

Random banner ads.

MidWest Student Union

Daily calendar script for events at a student union.

Online Aptitude Exams

An exam timer.

The Cutler Mall

New shopping mall grand opening countdown clock.

I had a lot of fun with this one and really got creative with the site design for the mall. The project focuses on the JavaScript, but when I had taken care of the requirements, I enhanced the page design as much as possible.


Generating a horizontal bar chart.

SkyWeb Astronomy - Moon Phases

Lunar calendars show the phases of the Moon on each day of the month.

The layout and appearance of the project was left to me. Of course, I attempted to mimic the image from the textbook as best as possible. I also added enhancements like extra highlight styles on the current day in the calendar.

Monroe Public Library - Govenment Sites

Select and Go navigation lists.