ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong

College Orientation

FOR112 College Orientation

Although a college orientation class may seem an odd place to find a worthy portfolio project, I do have a special project from this class.

ECPI Student Survival Guide

Unlike the other students in the class, my fellow web students and I were not enrolled in this course in our first term. The instructor decided since we were not new students and also had graphic design skills that we should design a brochure with information for new students.

Most of the design of the structure and content was completed by myself and Degairae Lipscomb. We chose how the document would be arranged, folded, and what each panel would contain. We also divided up the work and assigned work on each panel to a different web student. We decided the best software to use would be Adobe InDesign since this was a print layout project.

The other students arrived later and had less impact on the layout and work assignments. Each student worked on their part in a separate file on a separate computer. I was handed the lead role on the team, and everyone gave their files to me to combine into one InDesign file when they were finished. Unfortunately, the layout we chose in InDesign was not working well; nor would it print properly. Additionally, none of my team members included fonts, images, or other linked files with their InDesign files. I had to go through some effort to resolve this. All of my team members' designs required adjustment to actually fit in our chosen design. Some needed quite a bit of work and many adjustments were made. Some even had really bad spelling errors to the point of assault on the english language.

I learned many things while working on this project, including things about team project management and things about InDesign beyond the scope of our classes on the topic. I devised a way to have the document print on most standard printers on 8.5x11" paper without clipping the design. I designed cut and fold marks that print with the document so that it can be cut and folded accurately into the tri-fold brochure design we made.