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Ted DeJong


CSA283 Graphic Design for the Internet

For this course we used Adobe Photoshop CS2: Classroom in a Book, by Anita Dennis. For the projects the instructor assigned, we were given around 1 day to complete them.


For this project, you are to go to Worth 1000 and create an entry for one of the current or completed PhotoShop contests. Your entry must be your own work, but you can use source images you find on the web.

(Harris, retrieved 10/17/2007)

Worth1000 Contest entered:
Little Red Corvette


Build either a CD cover or movie poster. The subject of your project can be real or ficticious.

For the CD cover, the dimensions are 4.724" x 4.724". With a resolution of 150 DPI, this will give you a 709 pixel by 709 pixel image.

Although the standard US movie poster size is 27" x 40", at 150 DPI this leads to a very large file size. Instead of the standard size, use 6.75" x 10" (1/4th the original size). At 150 DPI, the image size will be 1013 pixels by 1500 pixels.

(Harris, retrieved 10/23/2007)


Build a three page web site using Photoshop and ImageReady. The first page should be a home page named index.html. The other two pages are your choice. Some suggestions would be "products", "service", "about", or "contact" pages.

You must use links, image maps and rollovers in your project. In designing the graphics on your site, you must also use the tools, techniques, and filters that we've covered in the earlier chapters.

The width of the pages needs to be either 760 pixels if you're designing for an 800x600 screen or 950 pixels if you're designing for a 1024x768 screen. The vertical height is your choice.

(Harris, retrieved 10/23/2007)