ECPI School Portfolio

Ted DeJong


CSA124 2D Design

These projects use Adobe Illustrator to demonstrate skills in creating vector graphics. Skills in this software give the capability to produce graphics, illustrations, logos, advertisements, websites, and interfaces.


Design a logo for a company. The company can be real or fictional. Use the skills you learned in Lessons 2 - 6 in the logo design.

(Harris, retrieved 04/25/2008)

Business Card

Using the logo you designed, design a business card for the company. The business card size is 3.5" wide by 2.0" tall.

(Harris, retrieved 04/25/2008)

  • Also includes a Data Set with variables
  • Also includes Paragraph Styles

Newspaper Advertisement

Design a newspaper ad for a new product. Use the same company you used in assignment 1. The ad is full color and must be between 6 and 8 column inches in size.

In newspapers, ads are priced based on the number of column inches they take up. A column inch is an area one column wide by one inch tall.

(Harris, retrieved 04/25/2008)

Postcard Advertisement

Design the front of a postcard to be mailed out advertising your new product. A standard postcard is 5.6" wide by 4.25" tall. Use full color and do not put a margin around the edge.

(Harris, retrieved 04/25/2008)

Davis Kane Architects Website

This project is a website created from slices in Adobe Illustrator for the final assignment. Students were to build a three page web site using Illustrator. The first page should be a home page named index.html. The other two pages are the student's choice. In designing the graphics in the site, the tools, techniques, and filters that were covered in the textbook must be used.