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Ted DeJong


CSA278 Advanced Web Page Design I

This course taught students how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to create and manage websites. It also covered CSS and emphasized style based design over table based design and other proper document structure topics.

Assignment 1

project thumbnail

Build a home page for your classes on your site. On this page have a link for the CSA278 class.

Build a page to link to your CSA278 assignments. Add links for the projects below.

Complete the projects below and upload them to your site. My suggestions is to use a folder for the CSA278 class and a different subfolder in it for each project.

Test the links to ensure they work and e-mail me when you are done so I can check your work.

  • Project 1 - Page 105 - Andy's Lawn Service Web Site
  • Project 1 - Page 107 - CandleWix Web Site
  • Project 1 - Page 109 - Credit Protection Web Site
  • Project 2 - Page 186 - Modifying the Andy's Lawn Service Web Site
  • Project 2 - Page 190 - Modifying the CandleWix Web Site

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CSS Zen Garden

In this class, students were tasked with studying the information available from coupled with what they had already learned about CSS. Students were then to create their own zen garden following all the rules from the website. Students were not required to submit the design to zen garden, only the instructor. In my design, I juggled a few designs with dojos and other asian designs at first. Then I got an idea involving stone columns and finally a roman kind of theme evolved.

Portfolio Website Styling and Design

For the final exam, students were to create a new design and style for their portfolio website. The design you see here is the result.